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World's Tallest, Most Blunt-Like Twin Towers Planned for Dubai

A massive new development on the Dubai waterfront will include the world's tallest twin skyscrapers, if developers Emaar Properties and Dubai Holdings can pull off this latest addition to the city's long list of unbuilt projects. Gizmodo's Alissa Walker points out that the pair of towers would also warrant another superlative: the bluntiest, most joint-like skyscrapers on Earth.

No architect has been named for the project, and no groundbreaking date has been set for the master plan (no surprises there), which is three times larger than Emaar's Downtown Dubai development, where the Burj Khalifa is found. Arguably, this pair looks less like a couple of blunts than two carefully rolled, overstuffed joints, but no one at Curbed can confirm this, having no firsthand experience whatsoever with that kind of thing.

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