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Ryan Reynolds Doesn't Come With This Amityville Horror House

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Even barring the fact that this old Victorian lakehouse once served as what is essentially the main character of 2005's Ryan Reynolds-starring remake of The Amityville Horror, this estate, on the market for $1.9M, is pretty special. The circa-1880 seven-bedroom, which initially listed this summer, comes with a wraparound porch, some 400 feet of lakefront access, a "removable pier," and a boathouse. What's more, because the house, which "sprawls over" 3.6 acres, isn't the real location of the 1974 Amityville murders (just a filming location 891 miles away), there probably won't be any of those irritating patches of coldness, abrupt shattering windows, or priests covered in flies. It does however come with an amazing sun room.

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