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Surprise! The Schoolhouse From 'The Birds' is Adorable Now

Remember that schoolhouse in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, the one all those kids are evacuated from right before they get menacingly (but not suuuuper violently) pecked-at by a murder of crows? Houzz has a Halloween present for those who do, in the form of photographs inside the adorable home this 141-year-old Bodega, California, landmark has been converted into.

Fun fact: Hitchcock's inclusion of the structure in the film was what convinced the then-owner not to dismantle it to sell it for lumber. Ironically enough, birds had taken over the second floor when before it was converted into a family home, which was done without changing the size of the large classroom spaces.

Houzz has the full story of the rehab.

· Meet the Schoolhouse Saved By 'The Birds' [Houzz]