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Joe Biden Gets No More Free Stays at This Historic Cabin

Could this historic lodge in Grand Teton National Park go down as the historic lodge that brought down Vice President Joe Biden? Possibly maybe somehow, if the Washington Post's coining of the term "Park-Gate" wasn't meant ironically.

Biden and several top White House officials have vacationed at The Brinkerhoff, which was designed by architect Jan Wilking of Casper, Wyoming and built in 1946 for the Brinkerhoff family. So what's the problem? Two decades ago, the National Park Service banned anything other than "official use" of the property, and a F.O.I.A. request from Time revealed that the park service didn't charge Biden and others, or keep official records of their visits.

Reportedly, Biden is "readying a check for $1,200" to repay the parks department. Which, all things considered, sounds pretty reasonable for a four-night stay for 11 family members right on Jackson Lake.

Joe Biden, Top Obama Officials Get Cheap Family Vacations at Federal Log Cabin [Time via Washington Post]