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World's Sexiest 'Shed' Was Built to Last for Centuries

The good old shed, which has inspired quite a few design-y tiny dwellings for outdoorsy folk, can indeed also spark chic structures for, well, actually storing things. Thanks to Sydney-based architecture firm CHROFI, workers in a sustainability-minded Australian forest now have two organic-looking sheds that aspire to last as long as the trees in the region—some of which, no big deal, take 300 years to mature.

According to the designers, the Lune de Sang Sheds, which recently won an award in the "production, energy, and recycling" category at the 2014 World Architectural Festival, were constructed out of materials that suggest a sense of permanence —namely concrete, glass, and locally-sourced stone and wood. The first shed is composed of a series of L-shaped concrete sections set atop a stone wall, with steel-framed glass walls that can collapse to let vehicles through. The second features a concrete concrete roof and a wooden "fence" that opens like garage doors to allow easy access to stored equipment. Have a look:

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