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Halloween Snow Coming to the West this Weekend

With some Colorado resorts on a delayed opening and California still desperate for moisture, Halloween snow sounds pretty great right now. And while the storm doesn't look epic, it does look like it will deliver at least a few inches of white stuff throughout the west. Lake Tahoe might actually top the snow scoreboard (finally!) with snow arriving on Friday afternoon and anywhere from 3-6 inches at lake level to 12-15 inches above 8000 feet. Mammoth Mountain might also perform well in this storm. Northern Idaho and Western Montana will see nice totals, but Utah Open Snow forecaster Evan Thayer has low expectations for the Wasatch with 3-6 inches forecasted. Colorado gets the storm leftovers on Sunday and Monday with heavier snow possible in the San Juans, but don't expect more than 6 inches across the state. Epic or not, if you'd like to hang up your rock skis by January, keep those snow dances going Curbediverse.
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