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Skispotter: Crested Butte, Colorado

Apparently we stumped you, Curbediverse, in round 7 of our trivia game. More likely, it's that lots of ski towns are reputed to have surplus dead folks in limbo. We asked you to name America's most haunted ski town, along with the hotel famous for its resident ghost.

The answer is Crested Butte, and the hotel is the historic Forest Queen, located on Elk Ave. Crested Butte has more reports of paranormal (not to be confused with abnormal, which would be just an average night out in this little ski town with a big drinking problem) activity than other ski towns. Its isolation and mining heritage are a big part; incidents like the 1884 explosion at the Jokerville mine, which killed up to 70 people, have been linked to a lot of undead unrest.

Then there are the reports of a ghostly hitchhiker, and spirits infesting everything from historic homes to bars, restaurants, and former boarding houses. The town's most famous ghost, however, is Elizabeth, who resides at the Forest Queen Hotel. Legend has it she was a 19th century guest who fell for a transient gambler. In an attempt to win his affection, she gave him her life's savings, which he squandered before bailing town. Destitute, Elizabeth leaped to her death from her hotel window into Coal Creek. Guests and staff have reported her making a ruckus ever since. Want more creepy Crested Butte? Check out its lovely- if supposedly haunted- cemetery.

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