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$65 Million Mansion Still Not Aspen's Priciest Listing

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The fanciest of all the ski towns, Aspen rules when it comes to expensive real estate. Now, there's a new listing on the block that wants a jaw-dropping $65 million for its 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. But that's still not the most expensive listing in the Roaring Fork Valley. Nope, that honor goes to this Bill-Koch owned, $89.9 million compound. So what do you get for $65 million in Aspen these days?

Well, the answer is not as much as you'd think. The 17,000-square-foot home is on 5.98 acres and we have to admit, it does boast the most regal-looking taxidermy around. There's no navajo kitsch in this posh abode, but there are million-dollar views, an outdoor patio that's longer than most bowling alleys, and floor to ceiling windows. And while we're not sold on the Vegas-style cove ceiling lighting that runs rampant throughout the house (check out the tacky purple version in the basement), this mega-mansion seems to be all about appealing to as many billionaires as possible. Honestly, for $65 million we expect more. Where's the helicopter pad? The indoor river? The custom replica of the S. S. Titanic grand staircase so that you can enact all your Leonardo Dicaprio fantasies? (Yes, that really happened).

As much as we hate to say it, we foresee some price cuts with this one.

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