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Traditional Chinese House is Now Covered in (Duh) Seashells

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Move over, eight year-old boy at the beach, Xiao Yongsheng just killed the sandcastle game. Owner of a traditional Chinese home on the secluded beach island of Lingshan Island, this 58-year-old merman wanted to renovate his home, but was aghast at the high construction costs that come with, you know, living on the aforementioned secluded island. Disgusted with the cost of architects, he decided to do things the "Xiao Yongsheng" way and spent two full years coating his entire house in seashells. In words that will inspire sandcastle enthusiasts for years to come, he says, "I'd always liked shells but it never struck me to use them until I was walking on a beach one morning and came across a very unusually colored clam shell and then it hit me. I realized I was sitting next to a huge, free supply of beautiful building material?"

Seashells not your thing? You can also cover your house in geodes, styrofoam, and wood block.

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