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$11M Stockholm Palace is Made for 'Decadence, Scandals'

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A 66,000-square-foot castle just outside of Stockholm has hit the market for $11M. The 17-building Häringe Palace, on a peninsula settled by Vikings in the 11th century, is currently used as a hotel. Although the sumptuously decorated palace was formerly a residence for King Gustav I—who established Sweden's independence from Denmark back in 1523—and his naval fleet, its marketing copy enthusiastically touts the castle's reputation for debauchery. "The common denominators for all the owners have been megalomania, extreme wealth, crazy investments, excessive spending, glamour, decadence, scandals and party, party, party!" the hotel's website crows.

What's more, celebrity guests such as Greta Garbo and Josephine Baker "took the greatest pleasure in frivolous escapades," perhaps making use of Sweden's first outdoor pool, a 1930s bowling alley and the apple orchard. Bonus: an underground tunnel connecting several wings of the palace, for the next time you need to spirit out a blacklisted royal in the dead of night.

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