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1920s Soviet Telecom Building Makes for a Very Quirky Office

The industrial-chic office space trend just made a stop in Moscow, where a dilapidated 20th-century telecom building has found new life as an open plan office for a tech company. Archiprobe, the design firm behind this extreme makeover, maintained the soaring, expansive quality of the space, using its concrete shell as a bare canvas for adding in some fun features. Take, for example, the glass-enclosed kiosk with a pitched roof—it's actually a coffee bar on one end and a transparent meeting room on the other. The 15,000-square-foot facility also fits in a 500-person conference hall and 100 co-working desks. Since the space is left so open, there's a lot of flexibility in how it could be used. Appropriately, many interior elements come with wheels or detachable modules.

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