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Hint: This Former Ski Hotel has a "Ghostly" Wall

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Skiing has a long and storied history here in North America, and any die-hard skier can tell you all about the history of their local hill. We're putting your skills to the test with a new series called Skispotter. Each week we'll bring you an old-timey photo of a ski lift, ski area, or historic building and you- dedicated ski buffs- will guess where it's from. Have an old photo you'd like us to use? Drop us an email, we'd be ever so grateful.

When this historic, early 20th-century hotel was torn town, construction crews and townsfolk in this remote ski hamlet were shocked to discover a 19th century "ghost sign" on the adjacent building wall.

So-called for their faded appearance- due to age and repeated painting over- these early billboards were made with durable, lead-based paint and can still be found throughout the Western U.S. This particular property's ghost sign is believed to have been hidden since the early part of the 20th century, and has since been preserved in a local museum. Tell us, Skispotters, what is the name of this former hotel, and in which ski town is it located? Make your guesses in the comments, and don't forget to send us a tip if you have a vintage photo to contribute.

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