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Offer of Decrepit Home for iPhone 6 Pays Off Pretty Quickly

An Austrian man named Andreas Gindelhuber who recently offered to trade his Detroit investment property for an iPhone 6 has sold the home to someone who lives down the street from it for less than $1000 in cash, according Zillow blog. Gindelhuber bought the foreclosed home for $41K in 2010, and last listed it for $3,000, missing all its doors and windows, with a chair on the roof and $6,000 tax bill included. So the attention-grabbing tactic payed off in no-longer-owed property taxes, and possibly for an amount somewhere in the neighborhood of the $650 no-plan retail price of an iPhone 6. That, and apparently someone from Germany has offered to donate their new iPhone to Gindelhuber, telling Zillow that "the advertisement touched me somehow."

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