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Converted Firehouse From 'The Princess Diaries' Wants $2.6M

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Very important real estate news coming out of San Francisco this morning: the super sweet converted firehouse from the first Princess Diaries movie is now on the market. That's right, the home that starred as the exterior of the quirky house Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) shares with her quirky artist mumsy can be yours for $2.6M. Prior to its grand debut in the 2001 cultural touchstone (wherein Ms. Hathaway and one Julie Andrews captivated every pre-teen and their mom at the Saturday matinee), the house was a working firestation, one originally built to accommodate horse-drawn carriages. The structure was revamped to accommodate fire trucks in 1918, and by the time the '70s came along, the 4,800-square-foot firehouse was defunct. In 1976, according to Curbed SF, it sold at a surplus property auction to a human who wanted it for a house. Now the brokerbabble is touting the unseen property's potential as a "live-work space or your favorite tech start-up." Oh, didn't you know? Any fabulous industrial property is for tech start-ups now.

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