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New Photos Emerge of Jean Nouvel's Vertical Garden Towers

Pritzker-prize winning architect Jean Nouvel's One Central Park towers in Sydney promised "the world's tallest vertical garden," designed and installed by botanist and artist Patrick Blanc. Construction finished last fall, but new photos give a better sense of how the building delivered on its ambitions. The two towers, set on a four-story retail complex, are dressed up in hundreds of plant species, spread over planters, vertical vines, and green walls. Compared to the dangly, jungle-y composition seen in earlier renderings, the vegetation on the real building is much tamer. That's not to say the design is devoid of wild features; the taller building, after all, has got a huge cantilevered heliostat of motorized mirrors, which reflect sunlight into the shaded areas by day and serve as a canvas for LED installations by French artist Yann Kersalé by night. Have a look, below.

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