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$5.5M Buys a Roaring '20s Estate with a Few Quirky Updates

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Location: Wenham, Massachusetts
Price: $5,500,000
The Skinny: A "lovingly restored" Neocolonial estate in Wenham, Massachussetts, is back on the market with a heavy markdown. Harvard and l'Ecole de Beaux Arts alumn Joseph D. Leland designed the 30-room, 12,000-square-foot home, which is known as Seven Pines and has appeared in such classic films as Love Story, Spenser for Hire, and Clue (if that last claim is true, it's not where most of the locations shots were filmed). Built in 1927, it sits on just over 30 acres in what an old listing calls "the heart of Boston's most prestigious equestrian area." That ad, leftover from the time it spent just over a year on the market starting in June of 2011 at $8.5M, shows one addition that's curiously absent from the new gallery—a very modern garden pavilion designed by the architect Marlon Blackwell in 1989 with a fireplace and a reflecting pool. Seemingly every surface in the surprisingly colorful interior has some pattern or scene painted on it, and oddly enough, all this over-the-top finery extends out into a few glass-canopied rear additions, one of which ends in a marble fireplace and a large stained-glass medallion. The "elegant formal gardens" also include a heated greenhouse, an indoor pool, a couple fountains, and a small army of statues. Seven Pines last traded hands in 1985 for $775K, and now it's looking for $5.5M.

· 97 Larch Row [LandVest]