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Tour a Wall Street Wolf's Incredibly Tacky Manhattan Pad

Who would've thought that Alan Wilzig, the entrepreneur and semi-professional race car driver who inspired a minor character in The Wolf of Wall Street and later called out Martin Scorsese on Facebook for his "nerdy" portrayal in the film, would live in a tasteful home well-suited for introspection? Oh wait, that's right, absolutely no one, because that would be completely out of character. Wilzig, who once built a party castle in the Hamptons, lives in an LED-filled boy-cave with its own tanning bed and a fish tank whose color-coordinated occupants match the bottom layer of neon pink pebbles. It looks like the smell of AXE Body Spray, and Wilzig is using his entrepreneurial savvy to attempt to sell it himself, for $43.5M, a price that one broker has politely called "optimistic for what it is."

Curbed NY explores this Tribeca maisonette. >>