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Tour a Simple, Elegant Take on the Converted Warehouse Abode

Remade by Hilberink Bosch Architecten, this garage in the Dutch city of 's-Hertogenbosch is now the combined home and office of two graphic designers. The first-floor offices of Studio Boot sit behind the street-facing windowed sections of the large brick warehouse. From the central atrium—which appears, from the photographs, to be where the couple parks their car—these workspaces look nicely set apart, but the windows in the interior partitions give the whole thing a very open feel, and let the entire space benefit from the large skylight up top.

The glassed-off section in the back of the first floor serves as a kitchen and dining area that opens onto a back garden. Upstairs, an the expansive L-shaped communal space stretching around the atrium is organized by arrangements of rad midcentury pieces and a freestanding divider wall painted canary yellow. There's also an attic, which, as of these photographs, is home to a freestanding bathtub and little else.

Hilberink Bosch transforms old garage into integrated live/work space [Design Boom]