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Meghan Trainor's Hometown is 'All About the Plates'

What do Nantucket native Meghan Trainor and 1,500 Massachusetts license plates have in common? It turns out there's a specialty plate in the works which would raise money for island non-profits that work with children, but in order for the state to begin production, a minimum of 1,500 have to be pre-ordered. Cue Meghan Trainor. The wicked popular musician has allowed campaign organizers to set the tune for their "All About the Plates" promotional video to her chart-topping "All About That Bass." That all about the giving back seems to be paying off because so far, over 1,000 plates have been spoken for by people from far and wide. Whether you have a jalopy registered in the Commonwealth or not, do check out the adorable video below.

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