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Tiny, Transforming Housing Forces Occupants to Make Friends

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Hoping to add a new dimension to the world of micro homes, Boston-area architecture firm SsD designed the Songpa Micro Housing project, which aims for a greater sense of flexibility and community than found in, say, typical freestanding tiny homes and stacked up shipping containers. The 5,500-square-foot apartment complex, recently completed in Seoul, South Korea, contains 14 single units that can be combined into larger configurations through corridors and balconies—that means a basic 120-square-foot module can double or triple in size if a tenant decides to couple up and/or start a family.
Conversely, larger arrangements can also dismantle as needed, leading Co.Design to dub Songpa the "perfect apartment for breaking up." Of course, all this talk of flexibility is somewhat hinged on a hypothetical drama-free world, where residents, even after break-ups for example, are comfortable mingling closely. Designed to enhance tiny living with communal space, Songpa weaves in a ton of semi-public passageways between the apartments (outfitted with custom furniture that fold into the walls), and features an open-plan "shared living room" on the ground and basement levels. Take a look around, below.

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