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Ellen Degeneres, Empress of House Flipping, is Writing a Book

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Talk show host Ellen Degeneres is good at a lot of things, but hot damn is she amazing at doing stuff with houses. The prolific real estate and decor aficionado essentially swaps out estates like normal people swap out throw pillows (but, you know, with millions of dollars in profits involved). L.A. designer Cliff Fong once told Elle Decor that "Ellen has moved more times than any person I know," and it's true, Degeneres and her wife, actress Portia De Rossi, have quite the penchant for fabulous properties, be they a midcentury spread by Hal Levitt, an eight-cottage equestrian estate that pique the interest of shelter mags, or a midcentury home so ideally situated, some have taken to calling it the "best house in L.A." As the comedian herself has admitted, "I can only change the furniture so much and I get bored. Then I need a new structure to work on." Now, she's writing a book.

The book will be called Home and will, according to USA Today, "feature hundreds of ideas and tips for readers to help create the homes of their dreams." This is all in addition to the home goods line she sells on QVC. Pretty soon she'll be fronting her own HGTV show—oh wait, she already is. Ellen's Design Challenge (really) debuts in January.

Intrigued? Have a look at photos of her decor work:

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