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This Blob Chair Contains All the Tears You Will Ever Cry

Design Boom, that indispensable, ever-flowing font of straight-faced write-ups of avant garde furniture, has really hit it out of the park with this user-submitted "chair." It is a 0.3mm-thick vinyl plastic bubble that Keita Suzuki of Japan's Product Design Center filled with 64 liters of water, which is the average amount of tears a human being sheds in one lifetime. Finally, you can sit on pure sadness.

It's actually kind of a nice idea, when you think about it; externalizing all that melancholy. "Here, let me just take a moment to prop my feet up on a lifetime's worth of personal anguish," you might think to yourself. All of a sudden you're not so sad anymore!

As Design Boom points out—possibly with a wink so sly that it is evidenced nowhere in the text of their post—64 liters is also the average body fluid of a polar bear.

Here are a couple of Japanese kids, playing with all the tears you will ever cry in your deepest darkest moments / a polar bear's lifeblood.

Keita Suzuki forms chair from all the tears you will shed in a lifetime