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Robert Pattinson Spent $2.2M on a Not-So-Vampy Bachelor Pad

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Actor Robert Pattinson has taken 2,176,500 of the dollars he earned pretending to be a vampire and spent them on a new Hollywood Hills home, reports Variety. Curbed LA deems the place "nothing special," which may very well be what Pattinson is going for, if the rumors are indeed true that he sold his lovely Los Feliz home because it reminded him of ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart, who will always be his vampire movie girlfriend, until the last star in the universe goes cold.

"Modest" is a compliment when it comes to Pattinson's new home—which was listed in September for $1.795M, and taken off the market in mid-October—considering the overwhelming cheesiness of his last rental. It's got modestly attractive vaulted ceilings, takes up a modest 1,940 square feet on a modest fenced-in lot, and wraps around a pool in the shape of the most modest of organs, the kidney.

Up top, Curbed has created a visual aid to help you imagine what Pattinson might look like standing next to it. Is he wondering, in this fictional scene, how Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons is getting on in his old house, where the psychic presence of Kristen Stewart is apparently so strong? Maybe.

Here's the full batch of listing photos:

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