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Think You Like Predator? This Guy's Entire House is a Shrine

Shed a tear for Sweden's most heroically committed nerd, for something has driven them to put the Predator-themed labor of love they call home on the market. Forget the Star Trek shrines great and small found throughout the eccentric reaches of America's real estate offerings. Forgot fake taxidermy—this home has Predator masks mounted on the walls, as a Predator might do with the head of a defeated foe. Forget the "man cave," because the concept is so egregiously played out, but more importantly, because what we have here goes lightyears beyond a "cave." What we have here is a True Lair.

Behind this unassuming facade is found a home theater with a staggering amount of commitment to the Predator franchise. Note the xenomorph bursting through the wall, which is a great way to add a bit of drama to any decor scheme. Note the elongated lounge area, where a lonely digital drum kit is displayed. Also worth noting: the cool triangular built-in in the kitchen, and the fetching backsplash.

The home has two bedrooms, is located in Kalmar, Sweden, and is currently listed for 2,375,000 Krona, or about $320K. The property listing (translated via Google) makes not mention of the sci-fi stuff.

So this Swedish dude put out his house for sale [Reddit]