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Darling Updated Eichler House Hits the Market for $830K

This post-and-beam house in Walnut Creek, California has everything people love about the homes developed by wildly popular midcentury tract housing guy Joseph Eichler: floor-to-ceiling glass windows, an open-plan living area, and tongue-and-groove decking on the ceilings. The gently updated 1956 house with three bedrooms in the East Bay area is asking $830K, which is in line with the fact that fans of the developer—known for building some 11,000 unorthodox modernist houses around California—are sometimes willing to pay twice as much as one would expect for a suburban house.

Even though it turned out that Eichler did not actually build the house that Steve Jobs grew up in (a copycat did), which informed his design ideas, the proponent of indoor-outdoor living sure did know how to make a one-story rectangular box feel sophisticated. This latest listing comes with fancy new electrical appliances, and a very good paint job:

· 256 Los Banos Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA [Official site]
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