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Snapchat Co-Founder is Finally Moving Out of Dad's House

Curbed LA is reporting Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel, the rich boy-fellow who pooh-poohed a $3B offer from Facebook for rights over his ephemeral photo app, is moving out of his father's house, a Pacific Palisades manse he's been living in "for years." The story is this: when Spiegel was an adolescent, his dad gave him a "carte blanche" to decorate the new house. Naturally Spiegel went to the set designer of Friends and got him to put in a basement movie theater and white leather king-size bed. He hung out at Stanford for a while, developed a wildly popular social app, then moved back—until now. He apparently has got a place of his own, a 1928 three-bedroom in Brentwood, California he bought for $3.33M.

Photos? Right this way. >>