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French TV Producer Antique-Bombs an 18th-Century Château

"Antiques are not dead things," French television producer Jean-Louis Remilleux tells Architectural Digest. "They have a lot to teach us about how we lived and thought." It's with this mindset that Remilleux transformed the empty interiors of a 18th-century château into a "period paradise" overflowing with objects that would blend right in with the historical characters he explores in his documentary work.

In 2012, Remillieux acquired Château de Digoine, a French national heritage site that's part baroque, part neoclassical in style, and immediately began updating it to standards of modern living (i.e. installing 150 radiators and new baths). Then came the fun part: Remillieux hand-picked European antiques from various auctions and shops, as well as from his former neoclassical château in Montfort-l'Amaury. As seen in these photos, the 15-bedroom building also contains a salon outfitted in statuettes of literary figures and a neo-Gothic library featuring chairs made for Louis XVIII.

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