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It's All Soccer All the Time in This Baller AstroTurfed Workspace

Of all the trends sprouted from the modern office's inexorable barreling into ever-kookier territory, the trend toward fake outdoor spaces has got to be one of the funniest. Artificial turf is back in a big way, and thanks is due in no small measure to the designers who have become its ironic champions, but also to the creators of Google's international outposts. In the Berlin office of soccer app creator Onefootball, that fake-green impulse is channeled to sportier ends.

A running track snakes through the length of the space, which the Munich-based architects of TKEZ created in a former factory building in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg area, according to Dezeen. At both ends there's a mini soccer goal, "for practicing skills during breaks," with a verdant amphitheater in between, and a front desk at the elbow with a greenwall backdrop. The completely grassed-over meeting rooms are a hoot.

There's some kind of game plan diagram thing going on on the floor of the kitchen. There's also a pair of foosball tables there because of course.

· Onefootball HQ by TKEZ features turfed meeting rooms and a running track [Dezeen]