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Oak Bluffs Campground Cottage Hits the Market for $325K

Rejoice, there's a new listing in the historic Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association!

Built in 1864, this 1,125-square-foot Campground cottage features 2BR, 1.5BA, an adorable front porch, and laundry in the backyard shed. Here's everything the brokerbabble has to say about the Oak Bluffs spread: "Quaint and Comfortable --Typical --Campground cottage--with all the charm that decades of enjoyment can provide in a very special setting." We suppose they mean that either the quintessential abode is your style, or it isn't. Either way, the asking price for 67 Trinity Park is $325,000.
· Listing: 67 Trinity Park, Oak Bluffs [The Island Group]