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Ellen Degeneres May be Buying a House She's Already Owned

Talk show host and house-flipping wizard Ellen Degeneres is no stranger to the real estate game, having bought and sold prestigious L.A. properties—one of which sold to Ryan Seacrest for millions more than she paid, another was deemed "the best house in L.A." So it would be odd, if not totally worldview-shattering, if rumors that she and her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, decided to buy back one of their old spreads, namely the low-slung ranch abode she sold back in '07.

In 2005, DeGeneres bought the place, which had recently undergone an overhaul by big-deal architecture firm Marmol Radziner, for an "undisclosed amount." She, being Ellen DeGeneres, bought the place next door too. A couple of years later she unloaded both properties as a $10Mish package deal to, as Variety reports, "an heiress to a Washington State window-manufacturing fortune."

So anyway, it's not like the house even peeped on the market at any point recently and it's possible the couple is quite happy living at their current abode, a coupla condos in a swanky tower in Westwood. But considering their rapid-fire real estate flipping pace, nothing would come as a surprise. Plus, as Ellen once told Elle Decor: "I can only change the furniture so much and I get bored. Then I need a new structure to work on."

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