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NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw Lists Ranch For $10.8M

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NFL legend and prominent TV commentator Terry Bradshaw recently listed his 744-acre Oklahoma ranch. It's a property that's less flashy (though arguably way more beautiful) than, say, those of young gun Tom Brady's successive chateaus and Manhattan pied-à-terre, but the rolling estate is certainly a showpiece in its own "equestrian heaven" sort of way. The ranch, now asking $10.8M, was mostly empty when Bradshaw bought it 14 years ago. Today, the 744 acres comes with a 8,600-square-foot wooden house, plus a number of manmade lakes and ponds, as well as extensive facilities for horses and cattle.

The six-bedroom house, which Bradshaw enlarged from a simple cabin back in the day, features several living and dining areas, along with stone fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, electric shades, and what looks like one inordinately tall bed. The property also comes with a large pool and cabana, where, according to the WSJ, Bradshaw likes to watch Monday Night Football. Presumably a huge horse lover, Bradshaw has also built separate stallion and mare barns on the property, in addition to pens for bigs and cattle. Take a look:

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