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Are Kim and Kanye Flipping That Mansion They Just Bought?

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It appears that the sprawling Hidden Hills mansion Kim Kardashian and Kanye West bought back in August was put back on the market today for $19,995,000, if the Zillow listing is correct. (Update: It's been taken down, but an inactive Berkshire Hathaway property site mentions the same price. More updates below.) One day, America's sweethearts are trying to "break the internet," the next, they're merely trying to break even.

Though the famously fickle homebuyers reportedly loved their new home enough to name it after the one from Downtown Abbey, it looks like they're having a bit of buyer's remorse. But rather than try to flip it for a meaningful profit, the listing shows they priced the place at $19,995,000, only up a tad from the $19,750,000 they landed it for. Which doesn't sound like enough to cover the transaction costs.

Back around the time of the sale, Kim called the mansion "amazing," while the old marketing material identified it as a "French Country piece de resistance." Built where Lisa Marie Presley's former home once stood, the contemporary compound is kind of cold but not what you'd call unattractive, exactly, with stone fixtures and vaulted truss ceilings throughout. The long list of amenities includes a game room, a home theater, and a library with herringbone wood floors. On the landscaped grounds are a pair of pools, a guest house, a 1,000-square-foot "entertaining pavilion," and a pair of vineyards. The world may never know what a KimYe vintage tastes like.

Also disappointing: that we never got to see how the fashion-forward couple might decorate such a place, which would be quite something, if the rumors are true about the Swarovski-encrusted extravaganza the tried to turn their previous SoCal home into, and given Kanye's very earnest approach to design and decor. That place is still on the market for $11.4M.

Update: Marc Shevin of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, who helped handle the deal when Kim and Kanye bought the place, says it's not on the market, and he "doesn't know where Zillow is getting their information." Make of that what you will. Update II: In an email, Zillow PR coordinator Alexa Fiander says "the home is not for sale." That doesn't mean it won't be soon, as accidental early releases like this aren't unheard of. Conclusion: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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