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Skispotter: Telluride's Rowdy Cosmopolitan Saloon

You're on a roll, Curbediverse, guessing correctly on round 9 of our weekly trivia game (we're going back to making these more difficult, now that we know you're dialed in on our ski town history). We asked you to name the mining-turned-ski town, and the present-day restaurant named for the saloon in this photo.

The answer, of course, is Telluride, and the saloon is the Cosmopolitan. At the turn of the century, it was the watering hole of choice for the boomtown's upper crust. The guy in the corner by the bar is Marshal Kenneth Angus Maclean.

The Cosmopolitan was at 109 E. Colorado Avenue, and is today Telluride Trapping & Toggery. The restaurant that appropriated the name of the old saloon is in Hotel Columbia (Telluride's original moniker, which was changed because it caused confusion with the California Gold Rush town of the same name), located on W. San Juan Avenue.

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