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Capturing the Haunting Ruin of Industrial Ukraine, Post-USSR

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In a striking photo series called Donbass Romanticism, Moldovan-born photojournalist Misha Friedman documents the crumbling infrastructure of Eastern Ukraine's Donbass region, an area that rose with Soviet industrialism and fell with the collapse of the USSR. "The decay in Donbass reminded me of the processes of Western Europe in the age of Industrialization, as people moved into towns and cities, we separated ourselves from nature," Friedman tells Quartz in a recent feature on her work. This series, then, also aims to capture how, amidst the area's steady deterioration, nature is once again "taking over in full force." See more, over at Quartz.

· The broken-down beauty of Eastern Ukraine, 25 years after the end of the USSR [Quartz]