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Here's What the Snowpack Looks Like in the West Right Now

Two weeks ago in Colorado, ski resorts were forced to delay their opening dates due to unseasonably warm weather. But over the past week, our favorite meteorologists at Open Snow estimate that those same resorts received anywhere from 20-50 inches of snow. So where does the western United States stand as we enter the second half of the month? This colorful map of the current snowpack tells the story.

After the latest round of big snow, most of Colorado sits between 75%-95% of average snow for this date. Around the rest of the western US you'll find southern Oregon at 40% of average while the northern half of the state is doing much better. Idaho has a few pockets of impressive snowpack while most of Utah and Wyoming are struggling to get back to average. Despite some early-season snow a few weeks back, things in Tahoe aren't looking good; the region is at just 11% of average snow for this date. But whether your favorite ski hill is above average or still waiting for the flakes to fly, don't fret too much. As the last round of storms proved, it only takes a week or two for everything to look different.

Here's the map (click to expand):

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