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In Upstate NY, a Designer Subdivision Fit for a Brooklynite

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In the Hudson Valley hamlet of Kerhonkson, Manhattan-based architect Drew Lang is developing a subdivision that's directed at the kind of people who recoil at the term. The homes, which Dwell calls "upscale cottages," come from two base designs Lang created, and can be customized with a long list of different features, from extra bedrooms, to tree houses, to $17K blackened steel kitchen islands. Rather than clear-cut and sculpt the 131-acre tract, which Lang and his investors bought for $590K, they selectively thinned the trees in the area, to preserve much of the forest, and leave old-growth oaks standing. Local materials were incorporated, and furnishings by local craftsmen are promoted on the development's website and Instagram account. In short, it's the kind of community a Park Sloper would be proud to call home on the weekends.

Lang tells Dwell the development grew from a recognition that "going through the process of hiring an architect, buying a piece of property, and designing a house and so forth, both from a time-commitment standpoint and a financial standpoint, is not for everyone." Not only was creating a "turn-key, all-inclusive, cost-effective solution for building, selling, and providing a home" compelling from his perspective, but also from "the prospective of the buying public."

The dwellings are gabled, in reference to the vernacular architecture of the region. The interiors are heavy on the white oak, and each is built with a large modern curtain wall at one end. Depending on the size of the lot, the Hudson Woods "base home" sells for between $665K and $715K. Five homes are currently under construction, with one already finished—l the model home that Lang and his family use as a weekend retreat. Check it out below:

· An Enclave of Modern Cottages in New York's Hudson Valley [Dwell]