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Almost Everything in This Stylish Viennese House is Vintage

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Furnished over eight months with pieces from Paris, Barcelona, San Francisco, and New York, this studio apartment in Vienna, Austria is a vintage paradise carefully fixed up by Laura Karasinski, art director and owner at design firm Atelier Karasinski. As Karasinski told French design blog Flodeau, nearly all of the home's furniture and decor were second (or third or fourth or fifth)-hand. The bathroom sink, for example, is custom-piece that remixes an old Singer sewing machine with a marble basin. A close look at these photos also reveals that the home is littered with fingerprints of 20th-century architects, including a few Eames chairs, a couple of tables by German architect Egon Eirmann, and a famous "String" shelf from Swedish architect Nisse Strinning.

Photo by Atelier Karasinski via Automatism

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