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Airbnb's Latest Stunt Listing is a Plane Turned Into a 'Loft'

The latest oddball promotional stunt from Airbnb, a policy-influencing short-term rental platform valued in the billions that is going to great lengths to convince people it's not destroying their cities, could very well make your wildest dreams come true. All you have to do is breath deeply, and shrink the scope of your aspirations to the point where spending the night in a decommissioned jet on the runway of Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport is as wild as they get.

That, and tell Royal Dutch Airlines why you would like to stay in the plane, in English, in 100 words or less. Amsterdam-based interior design and branding firm TANK turned the cabin into a "loft space," whatever that means, with furnishings in keeping with the kind of design Airbnb likes to show off, in its professional photographed top-tier listings, its San Francisco office, and soon, its print magazine.

Of course, just because this is a stunt listing—of the kind Airbnb recently offered in an Ikea store, which was also part of its "Night At" campaign—doesn't mean there aren't rules, to help stave off another dreaded "Airbnb Noir":

· No flying.
· Don't use the inflatable emergency slide.
· Smoking is not allowed when the non-smoking sign is on.
· No marshmallow roasting with the jet engines.
· Please water our plants and feed our fish.
· The consumption of alcohol is not allowed.
· Please treat our plane like you treat your own plane. The no alcohol thing is a huge bummer.

· Airbnb is offering the chance to spend a night inside a KLM plane [Design Boom]