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Vanishing Cafe in Japan Doubles Down On Cherry Blossoms

Located along the side of a road in an area popular with cherry blossom tourists, this "disappearing" café in Gifu City, Japan has a mirrored façade that skillfully enhances the beauty of its surroundings. Built by the Japanese firm Bandesign, the double-roofed place combines a reflective front with white timber sides and red doors. Similarly to the vanishing childcare center in Ireland, however, it does seem to be the sort of building that visitors—who are likely hungry day-trippers— might wish to find more easily. In all, it's rather lovely, and couldn't do a better job of blending in to the environment. If only the ugly rest stops in the rest of the world could vanish so well.

All photos by Shigetomo Mizuno courtesy of Bandesign

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