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Step Inside the Overcrowded Homes of Avid Vinyl Collectors

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For years, photographer Eilon Paz has been documenting the world of vinyl record collectors at Dust & Grooves, a passion project that has grown into a 400-page hardcover anthology. In an extensive interview with Paz over at Medium, long-time Dust & Grooves contributor April Greene unearths the stories behind some of the most striking photos in the book. In the top image, for example, famous drummer and producer Questlove is standing in one of his record rooms, where everything is arranged by artist like in a record store. Then there is the Israeli man whose house, essentially "a museum for beach racquetball," also hides a massive record collection and an Italian collector whose vinyl collection is catalogued by color like a Pantone chart.

Medium has the full interview and more photos.

· The Secret Lives of Vinyl Hoarders [Medium]