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Hint: This Ski Town Evolved During the Pleistocene Epoch

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Skiing has a long and storied history here in North America, and any die-hard skier can tell you all about the history of their local hill. We're putting your skills to the test with a new series called Skispotter. Each week we'll bring you an old-timey photo of a ski lift, ski area, or historic building and you- dedicated ski buffs- will guess where it's from. Have an old photo you'd like us to use? Drop us an email, we'd be ever so grateful.

The photo of this Bell gondola hails from the mid-to-late 60s. At the time, it was the only Bell in this state; the resort had its first chairlift installed in 1955, but had rope tows as early as the 1940s. In North American ski history, that's ancient, but geologically, this ski area is literally as old as mankind.

This ski area was formed over 200,000 years ago, the same time homo sapiens appeared on the evolutionary scale. Thousands of years of volcanic activity made this region an outdoor lovers paradise, but before it became a resort, it was a mining boom town. The resort is named after an area mine.

Tell us, Curbediverse, what is the name of this ski resort, and what is the name of the region in which it's located (we'll accept several different answers, since it depends upon how specific you want to get). Good luck!

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