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Here's the Armoire Version of Koolhaas' Beijing 'Pants' Building

Chinese designer Naihan Li has fashioning a wooden likeness of Beijing's most trouser-like tower, turning OMA's CCTV headquarters into a functioning wardrobe. The 1/100 replica is part of Li's I Am A Monument series, which includes a bookcase in the form of the UN headquarters, a day bed shaped like The Pentagon, and a New York Stock Exchange shrine.

The Brazilian rosewood version of Rem Koolhaas' and Ole Sheeren's design will be on display next month at Design Miami. Might Chinese president Xi Jinping finally warm up to the design, if he encountered it at this scale? Probably not, but just look at how cute it is!

Get Li to build you one, and you can store pants in the big pants.

· OMA's CCTV building reconstructed as a wooden cabinet [Dezeen]