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Come, Let's Go Around the World in Cutesy Cartoon Homes

In a new children's app called "Homes", kids can now do some immersive "globe-trotting" of their own and get a closer look into unique homes around the world. The app, which hopes to instill a "spark of empathy", currently takes users inside four distinct dwellings: a brownstone rowhouse in Brooklyn, a Guatemalan cottage called the adobe, a traditional Mongolian yurt, and a tower house common to the desert cities of Yemen.
Featuring illustrations from artist Tuesday Bassen, the latest release from children's app maker Tinybop features altogether 17 fully interactive rooms, where kids can flick light switches, maneuver around various kinds of toilets, etc., to explore how the different structures tackle everyday needs like electricity and plumbing. Other features highlight what's more characteristic of one culture or architectural style, like using shears to clip off sheep wool by the Mongolian yurt or rearranging pillows to turn seating into sleeping space in the flexible living areas of Yemeni tower houses. And as Tinybop founder Raul Gutierrez told Co.Design, the range of homes included in the app will soon grow to include a traditional Thai house, a Bavarian-style German residence, and a Brazllian apartment block.

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