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Here Now, the Filming Locations of 'Pulp Fiction,' Mapped!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Los Angeles crime classic Pulp Fiction, Curbed LA has compiled a map of all the real-life locales where Quentin Tarantino's game-changing dark comedy was filmed. From scuzzy motels and pawn shops to hold up-prone diners, Pulp Fiction is "set in a real version of the city that doesn't include Beverly Hills or backlots, just anonymous apartment blocks in North Hollywood, anonymous suburban bungalows deep in the Valley, and anonymous diners in the South Bay, all packed with evil motherfuckers doing some really evil shit," writes Curbed LA. If you've ever wanted to know where Uma Thurman danced up a storm and snorted rails of a white powder found in John Travolta's jacket pocket, head over to Curbed LA.

Sketchy filming locations, right this way. >>