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1957 L.A. House is Almost Unrecognizable as Midcentury

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This 1957 house on the market in Los Angeles has been renovated so thoroughly it now resembles a midcentury-themed boutique hotel—albeit a rather stylish boutique hotel. The drastically updated six-bedroom home, purchased in 2009 for $1.715M and now on the market for $3.995M, has a loft-like living room, glass walls on two stories, and more tongue-and-groove ceiling decking than a sauna complex. Despite the monumental upgrades, much of the historic layout remains, with the ground floor essentially one big open-plan space, and the interplay between indoor and outdoor areas just as cohesive as one might expect from a midcentury house in L.A.

In addition to the stone pool terrace with views of the Pacific, there's a built-in bar, a garden, a combination office/"meditation zone," and all the modern kitchen elements that midcentury purists hate, like imported Italian tile floors, granite counter tops, and loads of appliances that date from after 1957. More photos, below:

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