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Town Neck Erosion; Explaining Cape Cod Electric Bills; More!

SANDWICH - An erosion exposé: "The powerful surf that caused so much damage at Town Neck Beach might have solved a local mystery: the location of a historic brickyard that likely had a role in sparing Sandwich from attack during the War of 1812." [Cape Cod Times]

NANTUCKET: "The first major commercial development planned for the former Glowacki property off Old South Road is an 18,500-square-foot self-storage facility on just over an acre off Greglen Avenue." First stop, the Historical Commission. [Inquirer & Mirror]

MASSACHUSETTS - "On Cape Cod, that electricity typically is purchased by the Cape Light Compact, and then distributed by NSTAR. As for pricing, it varies. In recent months, CLC says its prices have been lower than NStar's. But at other times, they've been substantially higher." Your electric bill explained, this way. [WCAI]

OAK BLUFFS - Consolidation wire: "Oak Bluffs EMTs and paramedics will now add firefighting work to their regular duties, following the approval of two new job descriptions at Tuesday's selectmen's meeting." [Vineyard Gazette]