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Table Made from Ikea Catalogues Looks as Awful as You'd Think

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This Ikea table isn't what you might call traditionally stylish, or at all in keeping with the "Swedish modern on a budget" look the furniture giant has spent decades carving out. If you were overlooking its conceptual appeal and judging it purely on aesthetics, you might say it looks like complete garbage. It's a very democratic piece, though, because whoever submitted this DIY Design Boom project not only recreated the proportions of one of Ikea's LACK tables with a pair of Ikea catalogues, but did you the solid of including a guide to making one of your own.

All you need is two Ikea catalogues (maybe take down the proportions of a LACK before you rip out that page), water to make the pages sculptable, and a bunch of glue to hold the thing together. Say what you will about its visual presence, and the likelihood it reeks of polyvinyl acetate adhesive, but the piece is probably cheaper than any table you could buy at Ikea. Better as a conversation piece, too.

Is it a meditation on the excesses of modern capitalism? A paean in table form to the noble cause of recycling? Why not make one and see how you feel.

· A table made from every single page of an Ikea catalogue [Design Boom]