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For $40M, Be Leonardo DiCaprio's Neighbor and Also Never Die

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Among the widely held aspirations of the rich, living in a prime location in New York City is surpassed only by living forever. An opportunity to do the former while aspiring for the latter is back with a 20 percent markdown, reports the Wall Street Journal, now that a triplex apartment in Greenwich Village is back on the market for $39.8M after a 20 percent price cut. Built by Delos, a wellness-focused developer with such investors as Leonardo DiCaprio and advisory board members like celebriguru Deepak Chopra, the units have a long list of vaguely healthy-sounding amenities, like posture-supporting "heat reflexology floors" and a "circadian lighting system" meant to promote a "healthy sleep cycle." Oh, and DiCaprio and Chopra will be your neighbors, because they own apartments in the building.

Honestly, who could have guessed that herbariums and vitamin C-infused shower heads would not be enough to induce someone to spend $50M to live in Greenwich Village? Especially with the ever-present threat of death or even cellulite threatening that other wealthy Manhattanite pastime, of baring one's beautiful, rich bod for the entire city?

They were enough for Leo.

· A 'Healthy' New York Penthouse Gets a Healthy Price Cut to $39.8 Million [WSJ via Curbed NY]