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Concrete House with a Courtyard Pool is Far From Drab

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This otherwise stoic two-story concrete house in Buenos Aires becomes much airier and livelier with its central courtyard, which features a shallow pool of water that moves and reflects light throughout the day. Completed last year by Argentinian firm Besonias Almeida Architects, the 3,000-square-foot home comes with three bedrooms, a double-height living room, an open-plan kitchen, and a dining area, all lined around the courtyard. The courtyard pool also features a series of staggered concrete "stepping stones" that creates a playful shortcut between the first floor living space and the veranda. Inside, with huge windows on multiple faces and furnishings like a full shelf of books and a large world map, the house already feels more livable than, say, this recent attempt at concrete minimalism in Japan.

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