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You Can't Even Eat the Rubies on This $78K Gingerbread House

Before now, it seemed Neiman Marcus had the monopoly on outlandish holiday gift ideas no rich person with all their marbles would ever conceivably purchase. This year, a luxury British retailer is doing the unthinkable: calling Neiman Marcus' stupid levels of stupid extravagance with a piece that, while not necessarily more expensive than Neiman's offerings, is surely way more silly. It's the world's most expensive gingerbread house, with a $77,910 pricetag justified by its 150 AAAA-grade South Sea Pearls and and a 5-carat Mozambique ruby. Why would you do put those on a gingerbread house? Candy is great. You can eat it and also it doesn't cost $77,910.

· World's most expensive gingerbread house comes with real rubies and pearls [NY Daily News]